Feel warm & fuzzy about your Pawprint 

You can feel good about your Pawprint purchase too. At Pawprints, we know it’s an unfortunate truth that not every furbaby is as loved and cherished as our own, and some need some extra support. We like to give back by donating 10% of all profits to charities supporting our furry mates.

Let’s face it, our pets are blessed 

Animals are pretty special. At Pawprints, we like to acknowledge and empower the role that our pets have in our lives. They’re way more than just pets. They’re your best friend who’s more than willing to spend hours snuggled up on the couch. They’re your walk buddy. They’re your favourite family member. The sweetest members too — who else is ever that excited you’ve arrived home?! 

Make a difference, support a pet in need 

Our pets receive unconditional love, endless pats, and the highest standard of care, as they should. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of neglect to our poor animals and animal cruelty is still rife among a range of industries. While we strongly believe that these injustices shouldn’t be happening today, they do.

That’s why we donate. Offering up 10% of our profits to a charity helping, supporting, and saving animals. Animals don’t have their own voice, that’s where our community of animal-loving humans comes in.
RSPCA is our go-to charity, but we switch it up sometimes to share the love around. We’ve committed to choosing a new charity each quarter to support. 

Know a charity that could use some extra support? Let us know!
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We’ve all heard of the RSPCA - They’ve been around since 1871! We chose them because we love their “Adopt A Pet” program. Like we said earlier, we believe all animals should be loved and given equal opportunities and through this program the RSPCA are giving a new home to animals in need.

“Adopt don’t shop” at or donate direct to the RSPCA on their website

Donate direct!