Your pet’s already a work of art. Turn them into one. 

Your pet belongs in the Louvre. We get it. Create a custom Pawprint of your fur (or fur-less) baby by uploading a photo and selecting your style.

Get Started   ➜

Celebrate your favourite family member with a hand-crafted print

Our artists will (digitally) hand-draw your pet, based on your favourite photo. We know you already have thousands of photos of your pet. Pick the cream of the crop — one you’ve deemed wallpaper-worthy or static post-proof in the past and send it through.

Choose your style

Find one of our artwork styles and frames that best suits
your home’s aesthetic (and your pet’s).

Pick a size & colour

We have 11 set colours and three sizes to choose from, so your Pawprint is super custom to you.

Fetch the photo

The hardest step! Pick your favourite photo of your pet and upload it so we can take care of the rest.


Psssst. You’ll want to film the unboxing!

The opening of your custom Pawprint is a little bit fancy,
it’s worth capturing.

We've got you covered!

Let’s cut to the chase, here’s the bits you’re wondering about

Free shipping, obviously

You get your Pawprint, we’ll get
the shipping.

Quality is on point

Your pet deserves the best. We’ll deliver a premium
product fit with a sturdy frame.

You can feel warm & fuzzy about your Pawprint too

Not every furbaby is as lucky as ours, so we do our bit to help out. From every custom Pawprint we’ll donate 10% of the profit to an Australian charity helping out our furry friends.


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