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Line Art Pawprint - One pet (unframed)
Line Art Pawprint - One pet (unframed)
Line Art Pawprint - One pet (unframed)
Line Art Pawprint - One pet (unframed)
Line Art Pawprint - One pet (unframed)
Line Art Pawprint - One pet (unframed)
Line Art Pawprint - One pet (unframed)

*Image for Pawprint colour and style guide only

Line Art Pawprint - One pet (unframed)


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Our Line Art Pawprint is for the minimalist. You want to adorn your walls with your little cutie, but it has to match the vibe. The Line Art Pawprint has got you. Have your own frame in mind? Want to do it later? That’s okay! Customise your Pawprint by choosing your favourite colour and size, and we’ll do the rest. Your premium artwork will be delivered to you, ready to celebrate your favourite family member.

Please Note: This is for one furry friend only — after two pets? This is the page for you.

Create your framed Pawprint in just three steps: 

  • Your Pawprint is your creation! Select your framing choice and style of artwork.  
  • Select a colour palette that best suits your tastes, the aesthetic of the room where your Pawprint will be on display.  
  • The best part: go fetch your favourite photo! We know you already have loads, but if you want to take a fresh one, we have some tips below.

Our tips for getting THE shot 

  • Lead them to the good lighting — you know, the spot in your house where the sunlight hits just right.
  • Hold a treat near your phone to keep their eyes on the prize (the lens, obviously). Peanut butter works a treat for pups.
  • If that fails, dangle a toy above your camera to keep them looking up all mesmerised. Alternatively, try the kissy noises for dogs or the “pspspsps” for cats.  
  • Use Portrait Mode and be sure to snap the photo in focus.
  • Don’t forget to reward them for their modelling work.

What we need to create your Pawprint 

We’ll need a portrait style photo of your pet (just the one please) that meets our minimum resolution requirements. It’s best if the photo is nice and clear, with natural light to illuminate their cute face. Make sure you have your pet’s entire face inside the boundaries of the photo, and as close up as possible — if we only have half their face, we can only draw half. Don’t stress though, we’ll get in touch if there’s any trouble. 

  • Clear, portrait-style photo
  • One-Pet (you can get your Two-Pet Pawprint here)
  • Full face inside the photo
  • Natural lighting

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