At Pawprints we are all about empowering the role that our furry friends bring to our lives. They aren’t just pets, they are family (who else do you know that shows that much excitement when you walk in the door!?).

Unfortunately, not all furry friends are as loved as yours. Far too much animal cruelty and neglect happens in the world today. Animals don’t have a voice of their own but we believe all animals should be loved and given equal opportunities. This is why a portion of every one of your purchases are donated to organisations making the real difference.

We want to spread the love as much as possible so we’ve committed to choosing a new charity every quarter to donate a portion of our profits to! 

Know of a charity in need?  Let us know by emailing 

Our current list of charities

We’ve all heard of the RSPCA - They’ve been around since 1871! We chose them because we love their “Adopt A Pet” program. Like we said earlier, we believe all animals should be loved and given equal opportunities and through this program the RSPCA are giving a new home to animals in need.

“Adopt don’t shop” at or donate direct to the RSPCA on their website  

Donate direct!

Like Pawprints, Animals Australia strongly believe that all animals should be treated with compassion and respect and free from cruelty. They too spread the love to all animals. With multiple campaigns on the go (Live exporting, Factory farming, Cruelty-free living to name a few) there was one campaign that stood out to us - Puppy Factories. Yep, they are a thing! And they exist right here in Australia! Did you know many puppies bought online or in pet shops were actually born in inhumane puppy factories, where parents live lives of suffering and deprivation?

Read more about Puppy Factories and learn how you can help shut them down by visiting or donate direct to Animals Australia via their website

Donate Direct!

Pawprints & Sustainability

As well as supporting the animal community we try our hardest to do our bit in supporting the environment. With sustainability in mind, our goal is for all of our packaging to be eco-friendly. This all began with inspiration from the brand. Their core value is being environmentally friendly. They use only Soy-based inks, acid free tissue paper and all of their products are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, which makes us feel good about our customised tissue paper and stickers.

What’s even better is for every order we make from No Issue, they’ll plant trees on our behalf in areas of need via their Eco-Packaging Alliance program - Like we said, spreading the love as much as possible!  

We’re constantly on the look-out for like-minded companies to source eco-friendly packaging and would love to hear your suggestions. Please drop us an email: